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Safe Minds

The Safe Minds Branding project was a design research project as my capstone for visual communication design. My goal was to rebrand the NSW Health initiative, ‘Safe Haven,’ in a way that allowed me to research visual stereotypes in design for mental health and how to avoid them. The ‘Safe Haven’ initiative aims to provide a safe place for people struggling with mental illness to walk in and converse with peer support workers (or just hang out for a bit). This removes the pressure and clinical feeling of the hospital or other traditional mental health services.


For this project, I renamed, rebranded and created visual communication assets that aimed to feel positive, approachable and friendly. My final concept was centred around resilience and had the slogan: At Safe Minds, we help you embrace tomorrow, one step at a time. The design focuses on the metaphorical ‘step-by-step’ approach to resilience.

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