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WOW! A whole page about me

Who I think I am...

I would love to tell you that since I picked up a pencil, it was my mission to create visual wonders, but that isn’t true. I loved exploring my creative side growing up, but more through music than visual communication. I did design technology and a photography elective in high school, but I was a science girl at heart. Until 2020, I didn’t believe a creative career was possible and thoroughly thought I would be a primary school teacher. During the first lockdown, I started a Bachelor of Communication & Media with a double major in Visual Communication Design & Marketing.

I quickly realised I could create change and do meaningful work through the visual communication design space, and I started to thrive. I have worked on various projects, including a ‘consent for kids’ campaign, animating well-being interactive posters and designing brand identities individually and collaboratively. I have a real passion for designing for younger audiences and health communications. 

Design is a powerful language, and I believe in its power to connect, communicate, and captivate. Whether it’s a sleek logo, a vibrant poster, or animation, I’m dedicated to crafting visual experiences that make you want to get up and make a positive change.

My #1 fan (AKA my Mother)

“If you want or need something done in a professional and timely manner, Sammie is the person to seek out. The passion she channels into everything she commits to is obvious in the success of the end results and whilst I have every reason to be biased, because she is my daughter, anyone who meets her will be left in no doubt of the veracity of my testimonial or how proud I am of her achievements thus far"
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